Filofax Update - Part 4 - My Current Set-Up

My motto at this time is 'keeping it simple'. The more tabs I have, the more confused I get, so I have scaled it down to the basics.

My first tab is my "DIARY", which I have reviewed in this post here.

So, here is the set-up after my Wo2P calendar.

The second tab is "FINANCES".
It starts with a payment chart which I have created in Excel. This chart reminds me when a payment is due and I check them off each month as they are paid. I use a pencil, so I can reuse this page every year. This is a great help as I pay my bills on the 1st and the 15th of the month. Sometimes I miss a statement in the mail, this has happened a few times, but I will not miss the payment as it is listed on my chart.

That is followed by a balance sheet to keep track of my checking account. I also created the sheet in Excel.

Followed by the next tab " NOTES".
I use this section to write down anything that comes to my mind and needs more space than the note sections in Wo2P diary. It can be anything: ideas, thoughts, plans, it just gets dumped here under tab 3. As an example, I wrote down ideas for gifts for my family in Germany as they popped into my head or as I grabbed something while shopping. So I checked off the items for each family member,  as soon as they were purchased and packed. As my daughter is in Germany visiting right now, this list is obsolete and I can remove the page. This may not mean that I will throw the page out as I may want to reference to it later when I make a new list for the German family as to avoid duplicate gifts. So I will place it at the end of section three.

Tab four is "PROJECTS".
Knitting related notes mostly, pattern notes, yarns, needle sizes, Ravelry links etc.
Also, projects for the home, like paint colors, measurements, ideas for appliances as we want to renovate the kitchen next year.

"QUOTES and WORDS" is my fifth tab.
I love quotes. I collect funny or inspirational ones.
And I read a lot, mostly in English and I stumble upon new words, which I look up and write down with their meaning. I remember them better this way.

My final tab: "INFORMATION"
I need to have as much information with me in one place as possible. Here I keep personal data, encrypted in a way for me to understand, emergency numbers, automobile info, insurance info, etc. all in one place.
Actually, in the 80s this was the most important section of my planner. Everything was noted in detail in here. Nowadays, we are all very cautious not to carry around too much information that could be misused if found. So, I do not have any sensitive info here, not even in my phone. That is kept at home in a separate planner.

This is my current set-up. More basic, faster for me to grab information or to write down anything that comes to my mind. It is not much different than how I had set-up my previous Filofaxes (see Siena set-up).
Having my binder with me all the time is like a security blanket, just like carrying around a knitting project every day. My handbag is not that big and heavy as you might assume.
All is good.

“When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everyone will respect you.” 
― Lao TzuTao Te Ching

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