Filofax update - Part 1

I just read my past Filofax entries and I am not really surprised, just a little bit, though, that I have been through so many binders of Filofaxes and different set ups. Wow, I used to own a green Finsbury Mini which I sold? I completely forgot about that and now I wish I had kept it. But that is ok. The mini was too small for me and I hope the new owner enjoys using it.

I have enjoyed using binders since I was 10 or so. My first binder was a brown A4 2-ring school binder filled with lined paper, no dividers and everything went in there. Notes, pictures, keepsakes taped down, (I remember my dog had almost caught a rabbit once, and when he returned, he had a bit of rabbit fur stuck to his mouth - that was taped into the binder, of course), secrets, patterns, recipes... everything. It was my diary that I kept locked up in a trunk so my little sister could not open it when she snooped around in my room.

Notebooks and calendars were kept throughout the school years and the first years at my jobs. I recall buying my first Filofax around 1985 in Berlin. I do not remember which model it was, but it was a personal black leather binder and I probably used it for 10 years - I preferred the horizontal wo2p diary inserts.

Then we moved to the US in '95 and I brought along a beautiful red Filofax which I can't find anymore. Unfortunately, this was replaced by the PDAs, like the Psions and Palm Pilots that were so fascinating at that time. They never really worked for me, I had sticky notes all over the place because it was faster to write things down with a pen. I bought a Franklin Covey binder, the SpaceMaker, black leather, zipped binder, which held the Palm Pilot on the left and inserts on the right.

My inserts are dated 1997. Thinking back, I really like this idea of combining your electronics and your paper. What I also like in this set up is the bookmark which has a slot to hold a note, in this case it was the weekly compass. Unfortunately, the print is too small for me to read now even with glasses, but you can always create your own compass, right?

So back to paper and pens and the Filofax system. I bought Filofax refills at the UCSD store, and I was using a black leather zipped binder without a name for a while. Today this binder holds all of my refill paper.

Then in 2010 I ordered a nice blue Domino and the craze began and I started a collection.

However, as I am a one-binder person I need to have all the information in one place at my side all the time, not in digital format but on paper, so I use one binder at a time and may exchange them whenever I feel like it.

I have a Siena which I reviewed here, the Regency Compact, reviewed here, and as a new addition I welcome the Personal Malden in purple. This is the one that I have currently set up as my carry-along binder.

I ordered it through Amazon, sold by Pens and Leather. The price was lower than the current rate these binders are sold for and the shipping was faster than expected. The binder was not packaged in a box but was wrapped up and the leather was protected in a plastic cover. I kept the cover to protect the Siena on my bookshelf. The shipment included a 2014 and a 2015 diary.

How do I use them? My Siena stays at home and holds all important information that is too sensitive to carry around and it can be used like a reference manual for our personal banking/insurance and household stuff. My Regency will be my travel binder, carrying the most important stuff.

The Malden is my companion and record keeper, not much of a planner as I do not need much planning. During the day I work at an office and keep 5 Executives organized. But that is done on the company network and with Outlook. My personal life seems to be pretty much organized and less busy. I do not need to keep track of many appointments, the occasional doctor's visit, or a hair appointment. My children are grown up, so no school projects or Back to School nights. I use my calendar (wo2p) to record events and things that are important to me during the day.

My Cross Tech 3 pen fits perfectly into the pen loop. I have been using this pen for some time now. It has a satin feel and therefore grips well. You twist the barrel to change from a black pen to a red or to a 0.5 pencil. It is very easy to replace the lead for the pencil. I have not needed pen refills yet. As it is a ballpoint pen, there is no fear of bleeding through any type of paper

Coming up - inserts that I made and that have been working for me for the past three months.......

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