Filofax Update Five - How I Created My Diary Pages

Excel is the way to go. I like writing and drawing on graph paper but the Filofax graph inserts can be pretty expensive if you want to fill up your Personal sized Filofax with that.
I have been recycling paper from other notebooks, journals or stationary that I found on sales racks, Of course you need to cut them to size and hole-punch them but you have great paper to scribble on.

For the fun of it, I created a graph file in Excel. The sizes of the squares are 4mm x 4mm, perfect for me. The formatting in Excel is as follows:
Height of Rows is 13.50 (18 pixels) and the width of the columns is 1.57 (16 pixels). I
I highlighted an area for two letter sized pages, formatted the border of the squares with a light grey and printed the file two-sided in landscape format, flipped on the long end.
 Looking at my print out, I thought that I could design my own diary pages on these and so I traced the personal FF paper size on the sheet and started to create my Week on 2 Pages Diary with all the note boxes. I copied my drawings into the Excel file and with a few changes here and there, I had a great two-sided design on graph paper, very simple, just clear lines how I like it.
I may tweak it here and there over time, but I enjoyed playing around in Excel.

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