Customizing my Filofax Siena

I have not changed much to my set up in my Siena Filofax. It is pretty much the same as the Domino was.

However, I am using the new creme colored tabs that came with the Siena. It starts out with one page monthly overview, printed from Outlook and followed by

  • Tab 1 Diary: 2012 Diary WO2P.
  • Tab 2 Notes: here I dump everything that comes to mind. Shopping deals, webpages that I should read or list of Apps that were mentioned in an article I read online, etc.
  • Tab 3 Projects: subdivided into Yarn, Words, Books, Food, Travel, Home and Garden

  • Tab 4 Information: the Filofax Info pages, personal info, medication, pets, Insurance, cars, etc.

  • Tab 5 Financial: check balance sheets, other info
  • Tab 6 Addresses: yes I am old-fashioned and I still write down my personal most important contacts on paper, in pencil and I update them regularly. 

Ending with zip pouch, plastic pouch, business card holder.
I have yet to use the slip pockets.
And speaking of pencils, I have bought the mechanical pencil Uni Kuru Toga 0.5. The pencil writes great and it has a mechanism that rotates the lead, can't figure out how that works. The pencil fits perfectly into the left penloop which is a bit larger. I am using a black Zebra ballpoint pen in the other loop. My favorite pen, the Pentel Energel unfortunately does not fit.

So, that is about it at this time. It works for me and we shall see when the next update comes with new changes.

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