Filofax Update - Part 3 - Diary section

The inside of my planner has changed too many times in the past. In the beginning, and I really mean the beginning in the 80s and 90s, I was happy with the Wo2P (week on two pages) horizontal calendar, a notes section, a project section, information, finance tab and the A-Z contacts. (see my 1988 tabs?)

That's all I needed and actually I still like it that simple and straightforward. All the changes I was trying out since have not at all been effective So back to the basics.

The first section in my planner is the Diary section: 

And by the way, I am using inserts that I have made myself. There are so many DIY projects on the web that have inspired me and I have picked up an idea here and there. (Separate post on how I made mine later)
It starts out with the Mo1P (month on one page)  which you see on the right side. The month is displayed in horizontal format, the week starting with Monday (no need for me to title the columns) and a box for each day large enough for handwritten dates and any fixed events, like birthdays, holidays, vacation etc. 
The left hand side shows a Notes Page for this particular month. Any reminders, ToDos or ideas go here. 

The monthly overview is followed by a weekly calendar. I used to buy the Wo2P Filofax inserts. Depending on which country you buy your binder from, they usually come with Wo2P multilingual style and there is always too much text in each daily box: the days are written in five languages, the holidays of various countries are listed. I do not need that much information and it minimizes my space. (On a side note, I just saw that Filofax Germany has Wo2P 'professional" - I like that style)

Again, I am using my own inserts. Very basic. Each day has its own box. On the left side larger boxes for Monday through Friday and on the right side two smaller boxes for Saturday and Sunday. Below that a small heart section for me to write down something favorite of that week. Followed by three separate note sections.

My calendar is for personal use only, so no work related stuff here, I keep those separate on Outlook which syncs with my phone. I do not have many appointments myself, the occasional Doctor, Vet, Hair etc. will be entered here. I do not keep track of kids anymore, or of my husband's stuff. Nor do I have much of a social calendar.
Primarily, the diary is kept as a record keeper, a quick note of the events of that day, the weather, my mood, meals, calories etc. I use the note boxes for blogging ideas, list books I am currently reading (usually one book and something on the Kindle), progress I am making on a knitting project, shopping list, ideas that come to mind, web suggestions like a new app - whatever I feel like writing down.
I do not write down or keep track of routine tasks, as I do them automatically and if I were to forget them, the full hamper or the dustbunnies would surely remind me.
The size and the number of note boxes may change, adjusting to my preferences. For the time being, I am really enjoying this format.
At the end of the Diary section I have a "Birthdays and Anniversaries" overview. Helps me see at a glance what is coming up.

That is followed by a blank notes page for each year where I write down events as they happen - historical, political, personal,  (I am using some leftover pocketsized paper)

Events 2011

for example the World Cup Soccer results, last mammogram, the death of a friend, the birth of Prince George..... I review those every now and then and am amazed how fast time flies by... ohh I had a fender bender in January 2011? ! The Pope abdicated in February 2013? It's fun.

Stay tuned for more on my inserts....

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