Filofax Update - Part 2

So here is my new Malden.
Personal in size, purple in color.

I have watched this binder's price and reviews for some time now and grabbed it when Amazon had it on sale. It was delivered through Pens and Paper. The leather is soft, but durable. The rings are aligned nicely and the binder lies somewhat flat. All these points are checked.... I like the color, I like the contrast white stitching.

However, yes there are a few cons, I do not like the location of the inside zippered pouch.

The zipper pull is in the way when you write on the left-hand side of the paper.

The opening of the inside pocket on the left is too close to the rings, and it is difficult to reach into it to retrieve a card or piece of paper.
I actually prefer the inside slot and pocket arrangement of the Siena binder....

That being said, it is a nice binder and this is such a beautiful purple. I am on a purple trip at the moment anyway. The 23mm binder rings hold a good amount of paper and the long clasp of the Malden helps a  lot if you stuff your binder with this and that. It still feels lightweight enough to carry around with me in my handbag every day.

I found the perfect dividers for this purple binder and I have had these ready for quite some time now, just waiting for the Malden to arrive in the mail one day. They are designed by Lucy Wonderland and you can find them here.

I think they are adorable and each one of them represents a section. My sections are basic and the order is set in my mind, so I do not need to label them.

As an example, my "Project" section is marked with this little girl. Isn't she cute?

I am not so much into embellishments, stickers or stamps. I like a clean line and order. The dividers give me the "umph" and that is as crazy as I might get. I color-code occasionally, but do prefer to write in black or purple.

More about my sections in a later post.

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