A new President

With trepidation I look at the next four years with a new president in the White House. I have lived in the US for 21 years now, however I am not a citizen yet, but in my heart I love this country and I would love to continue to live here without the fear that one day the rules may change for people with a Green Card.
This is a great country, a country of opportunities. It shows that anyone can become the President, be it an actor or a multi-millionaire who has bankruptcies or lawsuits as baggage. (I am imagining Trump as a boy proclaiming that one day he will be President. What do you think he felt when it came true? His face is very hard to read).
I have hope, but I do not have trust.

Isn't it interesting when the topic of politics comes up, Trump supporters start to avoid a discussion or cut you off mid-sentence, probably because they are not able to argue as they are not well-informed at all and only know how to repeat one slogan: 'Make America Great Again'. And then they start to become confrontational and insulting. Well, they have a great role model, no eloquent speeches there.
I had to unfriend a few from FB as their language was appalling after Meryl Streep's speech. You really do not have to wish her death and call her a fucking bitch. That is truly not necessary. Everyone has a right to speak.

So, I have decided to participate in the Women's March tomorrow because "Women's Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women's Rights".

I just hope that this will be a peaceful march as the rhetoric of the past year has been insulting to many. Minorities, women, immigrants, the LGBT community, natives, people of color, and people with disabilities.
This is a peaceful march for Human Rights, for everyone.

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