It's raining in San Diego today. We finally have something called 'weather' here.

Berlin's weather was always unpredictable. Especially the summers. We could never plan an outing or picnic in advance, as the weekend could be freezing cold and rainy or sunny and hot. It depressed me. In such a way that I stopped thinking about the weather alltogether. I just ignored it. If it was cloudy, I grabbed my umbrella, if not, a jacket was enough.

I  missed the four seasons of Tehran. Almost to the day of the beginning of any season, the season would really begin. On March 20th it felt like spring was in the air and everything just smelled sweet and fresh. People would get ready for the Persian New Year, and everyone would buy new clothes and look forward to a 13-day holiday season.
The summer was hot and dry. Walking our dog, we could follow small dust cyclones in the empty lots, or run after tumbleweeds being pushed forward by the hot wind.
After that long summer you would look forward to the coolness of fall.
And winter? Well, we usually had several feet of snow by Christmas.

I can't say that about winters in Berlin. It was slush time. Cold and uncomfortable. Wet icy temperatures that got to your bones. I really do not mind a winter season, where the weather is cold and the days are shorter, but if I cannot see the end of the winter by May, then it is really depressing. The weather was one of my top reasons to move away.

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