Reunions and connections

I have written about my kindergarten life in Tehran which was run by an American family. That's where I had my first experience with grape flavored Kool-Aid, oh how much I loved it then.

When I turned six, I was enrolled in the German School in Tehran, called Deutsche Schule Teheran or DST.

The property that the school had leased was very large and it housed Elementary School up to High School. I stayed there for 13 years, no 14 years (I had to repeat 10th grade)...

So, you can imagine that we were a tight knit group of students all those years. The school was eventually closed during the revolution and most of the families had left the country.

A small group of former students in Austria started a society and collected names and addresses of fellow students. All by snail mail at that time. They also organized regular reunions in Germany every other year and we were so lucky to be able to attend them during our time in Berlin.
We would drive to the agreed upon vacation resorts Germany with the kids and meet up with my sister and her family and old friends. It was like we had never been apart. Even if we were not the same age group, we just felt like family. So many memories during our lives in Tehran to share. Usually over 300 of us would get together over a long weekend and bring down the house at the resort.
These reunions made my life in Berlin much easier. I was in touch with others who felt the same homesickness and void, but still went on making a new life for themselves in different countries.

I got a chance to fly from the California once for my 25th class reunion in 2002. It was so much fun to classmates and our teachers, even the ones who were not my favorites.
The society is still up and running. Hopefully I will be able to attend a meeting soon again, maybe in 2018.


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