In the meantime ....

In the meantime, my parents and sister were still in Tehran. We did not have regular contact with them as the phones would not connect all the time. They witnessed the American Hostage crisis and also public executions on TV as well as the beginning of the Iran/Iraq war.

My mother would cover her head when she walked our cocker spaniel, Blacky, but our Vanak neighborhood was pretty safe. All our friends there would check on them on a regular basis and were also very helpful in assisting with their move out of the country in the summer of 1980.

But before they left, our night watchman "Mammad Agha" invited them to his village to pay his respects to my father and mother who had always supported him and his family with clothes and used appliances.

Mammad Agha and his family with my parents

The whole village celebrated and got together for a feast of fresh lamb meat grilled, served with rice and vegetables from his garden. The kindness of the people in Iran made it so difficult for all of us to leave. We still miss their hospitality and friendship today.

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