Home - Heimat

“There is no place like home.” 
― L. Frank BaumThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Where is Home? What is Home? The German word "Heimat" is often used to describe the feeling of home, but "Heimat" refers to your home country, where you were born. That would be Berlin.

I really did not feel at home in Berlin. We had a comfortable place where we lived, we had grown our family and both had great jobs. But something was missing.
Home to me is not a place, not a location, it is a feeling. Where do I feel at home?  (My mother's kitchen makes me feel at home.)
It seems that we are constantly on the search for that feeling of 'being at home'. Many friends who had to leave their country for whatever reason, have the same feeling. You are just not able to settle down. Today, as we made our home in San Diego, I can say that this is the closest to home here. Is this where it ends? I don't think so. I already feel restless after 15 years in the same apartment.

Being far away from Berlin, and looking back on the 16 years that we have lived there, of course I miss a lot of things.
Berlin is a city that never sleeps. You can go out at any time and find a place to have a bite to eat or have a drink. Let me just say "Currywurst und Pommes".
The sound of the U-Bahn (subway) rolling into the station is unique, so is the smell of burnt wood, like railroad tracks and it is all over the city.
I love the bakeries with their assortment of breads and pastries.
The Italian restaurants with their authentic food.
Sitting at your table as long as you like, without the obnoxious waiters constantly bothering you and leaving the bill before you even finished your entree. I miss the more sophisticated dining culture. The parks and lakes you find all over the city. A countryside a few minutes from the center.
So much history right in front of your eyes everywhere.
Cultural events that you can't keep up with.
And Monheim ice cream. The best.
1982 at Monheim 

Yes, and I have to admit, I miss Berlin. "Berlin ist ein Reise wert" Always worth a trip.

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