Dream Job

In my 16 years working in the General Manager’s office of a large international hotel chain, I had the opportunity to see and meet many celebrities.  Some politicians, athletes, German TV personalities, members of the Berlin high society (pass on most of them – a waste of time to have to deal with people like that) and best of all, MUSICIANS.

I bumped into Barry Gibb of the BeeGees in the revolving door at the main entrance, not knowing who it was for a second and then almost fainting.

New Kids on the Block – the fans were outside the hotel screaming for hours and we, the employees, had a hard time getting to work.

Bruce Springsteen – the rumor among housekeeping was going around that he had just started an affair with someone in his band

Michael Jackson (1988 concert at the Reichstag) – well he was a very special guest. Very quiet, very kind and humble. He booked a massage at the hotel spa where my husband was working as a therapist and they had a nice conversation. I have his picture and autograph….
I saw him standing at the employee entrance, probably just trying to catch some fresh air, although the trash containers were in that area. But he could not go out at all because of all the crazy fans. We nodded at each other and now I wish I had said some kind words to him.
His concert in Berlin was awesome. My sister and I went together and we could not believe that we saw him live on stage.

My job was definitely a dream job.

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