Berlin sightseeing

We welcomed many visitors while we lived in Berlin. And of course we would take them around the city sightseeing.
The main attractions usually were the Wall, the Brandenburger Gate and the Reichstag. But my all time favorite outing was a small picturesque castle on an island in the southwest of Berlin.

Pfaueninsel (the peacock island)

the castle - das Lust Schloss
The island lies in the middle of the large river, called The Havel. To get to the island you would have to cross over on a ferry. We would usually get on a tourboat from Wannsee and if the weather was nice, we would sit on the top of the boat and enjoy the slow steamboat like trip south and then stop at the ferry station. The island is small and can be covered in an hour or two, but the quaint castle is worth a visit. It was built in 1794 by King Friedrich Wilhelm II for the love of his life, whom he never got to marry, but had children with. Hence the name "Lust Schloss", castle of desire.

Peacocks walk around all over the island, that is where the name came from. There is a green house in which they grew palm trees and they also held many exotic animals on the island during the reign of several kings. Many beautiful flower gardens and small forests to admire and explore. A wonderful place for a walk and for dreaming. Definitely a place worth a visit.

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