Berlin - August 1979

We found an apartment and were so excited that we could take over the furniture from the previous renter for a minimal fee. A corner sectional couch in purple corduroy fabric, awesome, a bed and some bookcases. And we loved it. We had a bathroom with a shower and running hot water. Unfortunately, we used up so much that the first gas bill was a big shock to us.

Berlin-Steglitz our first apartment 1979

My paternal grandmother also lived in Berlin, in the very southern part. We liked to visit her on weekends and would take the #1 bus, a doppeldecker and ride on the top. Riding different bus routes, subway lines and walking through neighborhoods had become our pastime. We had not made many friends yet, and stuck close to my grandmothers.
And today I am very glad that we did. We enjoyed their company very much and I am sure that they were happy to have us in Berlin.

A year later, my parents and sister with our spaniel Blacky finally left Iran and moved in with my grandmother. Now she had even more people to host.
But my dad was fast to find a job and they moved on to Hanover, which is about 300km (186 miles) away from Berlin.

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