Wow, what has happened to humanity? I am speechless and so sad. I wonder how a human being gets to a point where he has no regard for life anymore. Human or animal. What has happened to him, what is going on in his mind. Why?
My hearts go out to all the people who have lost a loved one today or any other day in a such mindless tragedies. Now don't you think that something has to change in regard to gun control?

The more I ponder, the bigger my concerns are for today's children. The roots lie deep. Kids do not have healthy lives anymore, they are enrolled in so many activities that they have forgotten how to enjoy a quiet evening with the family. They have to be entertained constantly. Too much TV, horror movies, action/war console games, brutality everywhere.
And unfortunately the level of education is so low.

My heart aches for man and animal and I want to withdraw even more from the outside world.

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