Social media break....

“The more time we spend interconnected via a myriad of devices, the less time we have left to develop true friendships in the real world.” 
― Alex MorrittImpromptu Scribe

I have decided to give Facebook a break. I am not an avid contributor, but I do check the newsfeed several times a day. The frequency that I open up the app on my phone is alarming.

Yes, I like to see my kids' updates, however most of the time they post their Instagram pictures - I can see them on that media. I like Instagram, a collection of beautiful photos and some funny hashtags. Instagram has no drama and it entertains me.
Facebook not so much. I noticed that my attitude is changing. I feel that I am missing out on something. Am I getting envious of a friend who checks into the gym in the middle of the day while I am sitting at my desk? That is so crazy, because I would never go to the gym, even if I had the time. Or of the friend whose weekends are fully planned with lunches and parties and road trips and I think, wow, she is having so much fun, which is stupid, as I would not enjoy party-going and similar activities.
I realized that I am losing my true self. I should stop doubting that I have a good life and let that influence me.
Hey, I am happy as I am and who I am, satisfied with what I have. No parties, no gym or yoga, but doing what I like to do. I just have to distance myself and realize that again.
So there, Facebook,  I am taking a break. I am sure that I will not be missed, nor will I be missing anything during that time.

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