MHK1 - writing

It is time to concentrate a bit on my MHK Level 1. I am happy with my swatch #1 after I re-knit it with 4.5 mm needles.
Now to cast on swatch #2. My plan for the weekend.

I have also started the report on blocking. I never liked writing in school. While others were able to fill one page after another, I was still trying to finish my first paragraph. "You need to write your outline first", the teacher would say. But I never understood that concept. How can I write an outline, when I did not even know what to write about the given subject. So I would struggle to fill at least one or two pages with ramblings and repetitives and then I would create an outline from what I had written and hand it all in. Can't brag about good grades.
But finally for this report I have seen the advantage of an outline. I have that done and now it is like filling in the blanks.

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