Everything was put on hold because I took a trip to Germany to visit my family and to celebrate my son's birthday. And every time, when I pack my bags again to return, I think why does time have to fly by so fast.
I had just arrived and now it was time to leave again. The goodbye is always bittersweet, but there will be a next visit and I will also send others on their way to check on my parents and visit my son. Here are a few pictures of a wonderful time.

Goodbye San Diego (Coronado Bridge) - Good Morning Europe.


Snow on the first day and the weather did not get much better until a few days before the end of my visit.

Schongau, a medieval city with an intact wall around it, this is where my son lives.  If you have ever read "The Hangman's Daughter", this is the city and its surroundings where the story took place.

Lechbruck, at the foot of the alps, where my sister lives. (Schloss Neuschwanstein is 20 minutes away).

We had reason to eat cake (every day actually) 

and to celebrate with grilled german bratwurst.

I snuggled with cats (this is Lilly)

I watched cows (they are waiting to be picked up for milking) and goats.

And met the new family member Holly.

In general, the trip was not much different than last year's, except that everyone has aged by one year. I already miss them a lot and hope time flies by fast until we meet again.

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