Daily routine kicking back in

Now back to the daily routine of commuting, sitting in front of a monitor all day, commuting, dog-walking, cooking, eating, cleaning, washing, sleeping.
In between, I try to read and knit, watch some movies or tv shows and relax.

What is missing? Exercise. Which I hate. That part where I mentioned "dogwalking", well that is at a snail's speed, because,
One - Cooper is 14 and walks very slowly, he loves to take his time and he loves to plop down on a grassy area and just sit there, people-watching.
Two - Gino is a sniffer and he needs to stop at every bush and tree and sniff every leaf and blade, it just drives me nuts.
My mom's recent cooking and baking has only added more pounds and the need for some kind of activity.
Now, on one hand I am a whiner (Oh, I have gained so much weight, you look so great, I don't know how you do it,....) and on the other, I will find all kinds of excuses to avoid any exercise.

Today I read Amy Tan's Facebook post and she looks amazing after 2 years of strength training. (at 64).  I should be ashamed of myself. Yes, I should. I really should.

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