Yarn for the MHK1 project

My yarn order has arrived. It took me a while to choose the yarn and I hope I have made a right choice. I ordered Knit Picks Wool of the Andes.  Colors:
I am not a big fan of 100% wool. Any finished object would be too scratchy to wear. I would prefer a nice blend.

However, after casting on and knitting an inch or so, it was nice to feel the difference from knitting with cotton yarn. It seems like the wool, with its elasticity, moves along with your fingers. Whereas the cotton is unforgiving and stubborn. That can give you painful joints after a washcloth or two.
I cast on with a 4mm circular needle. I will cast on another swatch with a 4.5mm needle, just to see the difference.

Of course, I already made one mistake. I did not order enough yarn. The suggested yarn in the handbook is the Cascade 220, but I did not see that the skeins are 100g, whereas the Knit Picks yarn is 50g. I may need to place another order, darn it.

Knit Picks had a great book sale that day. That was kind of the reason I also chose my yarn there, might as well place one order in one store. I got three books and a small laminated pocket guide.

I have already found great tips in the Knitting Answer Book. A great reference book when needed.
On with the swatching.

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