Swatch Numero Uno

My first swatch is done on 4mm circular needles. I am not completely satisfied with it. My bind-off was a bit too tight, pulling in, so that the upper part seems to curve slightly.  There are some gaps between rows, that I do not like. Of course there is still the blocking to be done which will even out many of my concerns.
I will, however, knit the same swatch with a 4.5mm needle and compare both.

Above you see the wrong side and below the right side of the swatch, pre-blocking.

I suggest that you knit your swatch in one go. I say that, because mid garter stitch I had put my needles aside and picked them up a day later. There was only about 2 inches left, but it just seemed to me that there was a difference in the tension.
Knitting the whole thing in one sitting, keeps the tension consistent and as you have a certain rhythm going, it will only help you make a perfect swatch. At least that is what I plan to do with the next ones.

The outline for my blocking report is written and I can now delve into that part.

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