Plan of Attack MHK1

I have bought a couple of large Moleskine Journals, set of 2, 96 squared pages, a long time ago at Marshalls. They are of a large size (8.5x11 inches (21.59x27.94 cm)), and are called Legendary notebooks, with Cover Art by the Moleskine Community. I chose a design by Paul Desmond. The cover is a lime-green floral illustration.

The paper is a joy to write on and the journal itself is made very well, with a contrasting spine stitching.

My pen is a Cross multi-function-pen, blue roller-ball, 0.5 lead pencil, yellow highlighter. Perfect for making notes in my Moleskines (blue pen), margin comments on the instructions (pencil), and highlighting sentences on articles (print-outs, magazines, etc.).

I started out by making a list, everything starts with lists, isn't it wonderful?, of supplies needed.
And as I mentioned before, this is not a competition, but more of a challenge for myself, that is why I am not going to rush this.

I now have a 2 inch binder and have set up the dividers. My next step is to do some research on the yarn that I will be using for the swatches.
That is all for now.

But last night I had this great idea. Well, I thought it was great. To get me into the swatching mood, I took some cotton yarn (not the yarn that I will be using for the project) and started to knit a washcloth. I have these two balls of Lily Sugar'N Cream lying around and I thought that I can practice my consistent tension and the yarn will show my stitches very well. If I practice by knitting a few of these washcloths, I will have X-mas gifts ready for a few of my friends. Add a bar of soap to that and voilĂ  - perfect. Now that is a great idea.

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