New project MHK1

Last night I showed my daughter that I signed up for Level 1 of the Master Hand Knitting Program (through The Knitting Guild Association aka TKGA)

She said, 'so you paid $92 to get a certificate that I could have printed for you?' Umm, ….yes, ….. true, ….this is not a professional certificate and, although it will take up much of my free time, it will not help me advance in my current job at a semiconductor company.
But, (here is the ‘but’) I have thought about signing up for some time. I am a skilled knitter, yes in a way, but also a sloppy one. 
Oh, if the last row did not have the exact stitch count, that’s ok, I would just make one to get the number right. 
I have knitted garments that never really fit right. I never knit a swatch and then wonder why they don’t fit. And in the end I just wing it and somehow the finished objects are ok.
I prefer to knit lace shawls, following printed charts carefully. They challenge me and entertain me. But recently I have been bored with my knitting. I want to learn more, I want to master additional techniques and I think with this program I will challenge myself again and enjoy knitting.
As this is not a competition, nor a knit-along (which I do not like at all), it is not time limited, I can proceed as fast or as slow as I want to.
However, I plan to create goals for myself and set a time-line.
My first step and here is something for the pen and paper fans out there, is how I will set up a notebook for this project. Stay tuned...

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