My Quo Vadis guest post

I am very excited that I had the opportunity to write a guest post on the Quo Vadis blog page.

I have written about the little green journal book from Quo Vadis before, but here I am reviewing it again after I have used it for some time now. I enjoy writing in it every day and I have put my Filofaxes on the shelf for now.
It does not mean that they are not being used, or that I will not pick up my favorite Siena again, but for now, they function as my repository.

As I mentioned in the guest post, (and I did not want to go into detail naming other products) at month-end I try to review which notes I would like to keep and 'file' away. So I go through the Notor journal pages and copy those specific notes into my Filofax planners or Moleskines, accordingly.

I have a dream journal, a Moleskine lined notebook (second one already as I seem to dream a lot). If I can write down the dream after I wake up, then it goes directly into that journal. It is on my nightstand, a pen attached, but mostly early in the morning, I cannot hold a pen and start writing. My right hand is asleep and it takes a while to get it to function. Usually, I keep repeating the dream in my head, so it does not fade away and write it down when I arrive at the office in my Notor. That is why I need to copy it over later.

I also have a Moleskine address book with lined paper and A-Z tabs. I use that as my book list. All books I have read or want to read are logged in under the author's last name.
I am not really good at writing a book review. But I do try to make notes on a Filofax template which you can find on the Philofaxy webpage under 'Files'. I use a print-out as my bookmark and make notes along the way.
Currently I am reading 'Thirteen Moons' by Charles Frazier and I have already written down a few quotes that I really enjoyed.
Those template pages are filed in one of my Filofaxes after I have read the book.

What else do I keep and file away? Well, if I see a quote that speaks to me, or a new word definition, that goes into a Filofax .
Home Improvement Ideas, Knitting advice, pattern suggestions, pattern revisions, yarn samples; there is a Filofax for that.

Currently it is about portability. The Notor is compact and light and fits in my bag. The urge that I used to have, to carry a Filofax, stuffed with way too much paper, has dwindled.
'But, all those beautiful leather binders...' you might say. Well, yes, I will keep them. I love my Filofaxes and I would love to own a VdS, but at this present moment, I am content with my Notor Journal.

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