This old couch

I can't say it enough: I love the Owl's Den. This is my 'Happy Place'.
Everyone should have a 'Happy Place'. It can be any place, a corner in the living room, your guest room, a bench in your favorite park, anywhere where you can be yourself, let your guard down, or your hair and let your dreams run wild.

When I drive up our street, I already get so excited, like a little kid. And driving into the drive-way and seeing that the cabin is still standing, oh that makes me so happy.

I unlock the door, turn on a light, open the curtains, and flop on the couch. I could sit there for hours, or let's say lie there for hours, looking up at the wooden vaulted ceiling. Usually I fall into a deep sleep and nap for a few hours, which is completely not me, but then again, I guess it is.

We have a list of little projects to do, but that can wait when the weather is warmer. I bring my knitting, one project is there in case I forget. I have coloring books and pens stored in a drawer and old books that were in storage for years, are out on a shelf. This is my comfort zone.
I dream of starting to dye yarn, or learning how to spin, maybe taking a pottery class, a watercolor class. I think I can be creative here, but I only day-dream for now.

I usually go by myself for the weekend, just taking the dogs with me for company. Occasionally a good friend tags along and other times my husband can make it all the way to the mountains and we spend time on projects (he is not a dreamer).

The above mentioned couch (where I nap and dream the time away) is old and came with the cabin. The seat cushions were flattened pretty much, but the pull-out queen bed is in pretty good shape. The couch still has a few years under its hood, but the cushions do not.

I googled around and found some great reupholstery tips. The foam in the seat cushions is easily replaceable. Our covers have zippers, so it should be no problem.
I ordered a 72x24 inch rectangle (5inch high) medium density upholstery cushion on Amazon made by Mybecca. It came within a few days packaged as a large roll.

At the cabin, we opened the package and let the foam rest overnight.
We needed three 24x24 pieces. It was very easy to cut the measured and marked foam into three equal pieces with a sharp carving knife.

We had to remove the covers from the old foam on the deck as the inside was crumbling and breaking up everywhere. After cleaning the covers, we stuffed the new sized foam piece into the empty shell, zipped it up and there you go. It was so much easier than I thought.

What a difference. And it only cost us $70.Time for a nap.

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