So many recipes posted on the occasion of the 50th Superbowl. I have joined the cooks and took Martha Stewart's pretzels recipe from her February magazine. (I  guessI joined the bakers.)

It is a pretty simple straight forward recipe and I am so happy with the result. Of course, mine do not look as pretty as the ones on the cover, but then again, I am not Martha.

Oh, but they do taste like good old German soft-pretzels. Together with a little bit of Boursin cheese - awesomeness!

Here a few pictures of the process:
dough rolled out and cut into strips

pretzels simmering in a beer water for 30 seconds

ready for the sprinkles

5 minutes, then turn sheet and bake another 5-6 minutes
If you follow the instructions closely then you should be successful. The kids loved them and took a whole bunch to their friends' house for the Superbowl party. Mammarz has been the hero of the day again. (That's what kids call me.) Enjoy the Kick-off.

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