Circle of Life.
Our days are usually happy, carefree, sometimes stressful (mostly of our own doing), but yesterday was one of the sad days.

My daughter came home with a bag and she pulled out a cowl that I had knit for her friend in 2012. The Giselle Cowl.

Unfortunately, that lovely person passed away on Halloween last year at a much too early age, after a long battle with breast cancer.

Yesterday, the girls (her BFFs), gathered at this friend's home and helped her boyfriend sort out all of her belongings, so he can move out and probably move on somehow.
When she showed me the cowl (along with a cute floppy hat) I had to cry. This must have been so difficult for them to take care of.

The cowl is back at our house, the circle closed. Our hearts, however, will always be open and will hold on to the memory of this sweet soul.

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