Review of the QuoVadis Notor

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is now refreshed and ready to start the first week in 2016.
Christmas and New Years turned out better than expected. There is usually a bit of tension when all of the family is together and I always try to contain things, which stresses me out. But this year, we all had a good time. Maybe we have just grown older and are more mature.
So now, with everyone gone, I am enjoying my quiet time with a cup of tea and listening to 'Berliner Rundfunk'. Also a good time to write about the Notor Diary.

General impression: I like the size of the Notor (4 3/4 x 6 3/4 = 12x17cm). It is light weight and will be easy to carry along in my purse. The Texas Cover in bamboo-green has a suede feel to it and it seems to be sturdy enough to survive rough handling.

The diary page, one-day-per-page, is divided into four sections that I think will work great for me.
The timed schedule on the top is sufficient for my needs, (the occasional doctor's appointment, hair or maintenance schedule). Followed by a 'priority' bar and a larger space for text.
Blue is my favorite color, but I must say that the blue print on the pages is not easy on the eyes. I would have preferred a more muted color, maybe gray. I can barely read the numbers and text on the yearly planner page. Maybe something to consider for the future.

I started to customize it, which is the fun part. I finally got to use the little binder pouch that I found a few years ago.

I use two Cross Tech3 multi-funtional pens. One is filled with black and red pen and 0.5 pencil. The other is a blue pen, pencil and highlighter. They are ballpoint pens and there will be no issue with bleeding through the paper.
I also like to write in purple and have been using the Pentel Energel, but as you can see below, the writing shows through a bit.


I have started the QV Page Per Day Challenge. Anything that comes to my mind, what I plan to do, what I did that day, etc. Just listing it.

I marked the 2016 calendar with holidays, paydays and recurring meetings. And I entered the birthdays on the anno-planning page.

My Filofax held my most important information pages, I just removed them from there and tucked them under the cover. This way, they are always handy. (My confidential info is coded).

I can barely read the maps in this blue print, so I may insert the Filofax maps that I like to refer to sometimes. (Yes I do have Google Maps on my phone, but there was a time when someone asked me about a good place to visit in Italy and I opened my Filofax and the map page and pointed my finger on La Spezia, Cinque Terre. That was faster than my phone)

I had to re-arrange a few things, now that I am not planning on carrying a Filofax. A wallet had to come out of hibernation to hold the cards and stamps and anything else that were in my Sienna. Good thing that I keep all my crap.
I look forward to taking my daily notes and continuing on customizing the Notor.
Hope you all have a good week.


  1. I use the same planning to create daily pages in my Franklin Covey binder!

    1. I have been following your blog and have gotten some real good ideas from your posts.