Capturing everything on paper

"Words, when they've been captured and imprisoned on paper, become a barrier against the world, one best left unerected. Everything that happens is fluid, changeable. After they've passed, events are only as your memory makes them, and they shift shapes over time. Writing a thing down fixes it in place...."
Charles Frazier, Thirteen Moons.

Using the Notor 2016 has been a delight. I have been making notes every day. I write down anything and everything. Quotes that I come across and want to keep. Like the one above and as you see a snapshot of it written down in the Notor. I am currently reading 'Thirteen Moons', (I make a note of books I am reading) and this quote just jumped at me and I had to capture it.

I keep track of extreme weather, summarize odd dreams, track orders, make lists, write down movies I want to see, have seen and rate them, same with books.

The good thing is, this time around I do not sweat the mess I make on a page. My handwriting is not the best because I make notes in a hurry. I do not have a system and it is cluttered. But I am fine with that.
So anything gets captured really and I enjoy doing this every day.

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