Letters (Nov 9)

would your parents go out on date nights? I am sure that there weren't a lot of places around 1960 to go to. The many cinemas were a very popular destination, but the movies were not in English and my parents did not speak Farsi that well.

My parents thought the airport was a great place to hang out at. They would even dress up and have dinner at the cafeteria. I guess 'Mehrabad' airport was a safe place, frequented by international travelers, and the occasional run-in with my dad's co-workers. He worked at the airport for Iran Air.

I remember that I always had sausage and pickles.

I also remember the grand staircase that led from the main hall up to the cafeteria.

The main hall was huge and the airline check-in counters were located on the right side.
I used to walk along the pattern of the tile floor, which I think was an intricate geometric pattern.
And I loved to follow the janitor who pushed a huge probably 4 -5 ft wide mop from one side to the other side and back again.
Today I still follow along patterns when I see them on any floor.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

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