Letters (Nov 8)

the four seasons were on the dot. Spring started in March and you could depend on it. The snow had melted and the temperatures rose to a comfortable level.
My parents loved to explore the country side and we went on excursions many weekends in the spring and summer.
One of their favorites places was the "Karaj" river. Located northwest of the city, it was a nice drive through the country side.

We would drive all the way to the dam, which was constructed 1957-1961.

Karaj Dam 1960

Somewhere along the river we'd park and walk down closer to the water and have a picnic. Often times my dad's friend and co-worker Konny would tag along. They would immediately start looking for sticks and then start building a water wheel at the river's edge.  Every time. We would not leave until that wheel was done. My mom provided the food and I guess she would sit on a blanket and read a book or knit something. The men would entertain her.

Karaj River (Konny, me, mom and dad 1960s)

On our way back home we would stop along the Karaj Road at the Pepsi-Cola factory and look through the large windows to watch the bottles move along on the machines.
And I always insisted to stop at the ice-cream factory Kim (I don't remember if that was the name).
And buy an ice-cream of course.

My dad is still friends with Konrad "Konny" today. This year I was lucky to see him at my parents' place in Germany. They always talk about the good old days in Iran.

April 2015, Me, dad, Konny (seated), mom

NaBloPoMo November 2015

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