Letters (Nov 7)

the winters were cold, but a good cold. With powder white snow on the ground and sunny skies. Not like the slushy, muddy, freezing to the bones kind of winters in Berlin.
With the mountains so close, naturally there was winter sports. Yes, we had ski-resorts at that time. Shemshak and the oldest one "Ab-Ali". (Dizin was added later)

We would drive to Ab-Ali almost every winter for some fun in the snow. It is located 70km northeast of the city and almost at the foot of  Damavand mountain.  Both my parents do not ski and I never learned it either but it was fun to take the sled and enjoy playing in the snow until we got cold.

A view of the ski resort.

 Mom always brought a thermos with warm drinks and some sandwiches. We would picnic in the parking lot area where you could rent a low rise wooden platform bed.  Blankets, pillows and the sun would keep me warm. Not to mention that great furry white hat and those sunglasses. Very fashion-forward.

And here are two pictures of us at different visits. I guess my dad only had that one sweater and I am sure that my mom knit it for him.

My mom looks so elegant in her ski pants, you know the ones that had a loop around the foot so they would not slip out of the boots? I used to have a pair.

When we were older we all came to Ab-Ali together, remember? We should have worn some ski-pants, because jeans in deep snow is not such a great idea, no blankets can warm you up if you sit in your icy wet jeans. Ahh, teenagers.

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