Letters (Nov 6)

we had so much fun during the winter, didn't we? In December we would watch the snow level on the mountains and when it was close to the base, we knew the snow would be here any time. December
12th, my sister's birthday, would often be the first time it snowed. Most of the time we
celebrated a white Christmas.

I loved the mountain range that towered over the city. We had such a great view, from the peak to the base. And to the east you could see the highest mountain, the Damavand, a dormant volcano.

Here I am on our street, next to the most beautiful car ever, the 1951 Oldsmobile. I am wearing a "pustin", that is a sheepskin coat. It was white with a red embroidered border. The fur inside was not cropped but kept long and it itched sometimes. The coat also smelled like sheep or goat for the longest time. But after it was wellworn, it was the best coat you could have for a cold winter. As a kid, you actually never got to wear it to that stage.

In the background you can see the mountains, that's how close they were. Thinking back, I would say that the view of the mountains was the most beautiful view ever.
I will look for more photos to add.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

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  1. Thank you for sharing memories and stories of your childhood. I will enjoy reading each post throughout the month.