Letters (Nov 4)

Two sisters lived in a neighboring house. Both went to our school and rode on our school bus. They were half Swedish, a quarter German and a quarter Persian. The older one was my age and of course my best friend. I loved going to their house and play in their huge backyard. They had two dogs, an English Bulldog named Cyrus and a huge Great Dane. I will never forget the Great Dane, because the tip of his tail was broken by the younger sister when she was a toddler and it stood out at a 90 degree angle, poor dog.
The adults were rarely home, usually a maid and sometimes the German grandmother, or one of the younger uncles were somewhere in the house, but we were mostly on our own and not supervised. Which kid wouldn't want to spend time there.  
My friend on the other hand, loved to play at our house. My mom always cooked and baked and we had candy and chocolate lying around, which they were never allowed to eat at home.
And I had a bunch of Barbie dolls which she loved to play with.

One of them wrote in my friendship journal. Yes we had a journal called "Poesie-Album" and you would hand it around to friends to write a poem or some memorable words. Mine was a square red-leather bound book that could be locked. I still have it somewhere.
Anyway, she wrote: "When you grow up and have twins, don't come to me for safety pins."
I have reconnected with the sisters on Facebook in the mean time and learned that this one has five kids. I am sure she would have plenty safety pins to hand out.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

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