Letters (Nov 27)

back to the 70s.
We were a crazy group of youngsters. Parties all summer long.
And who would have thought that we were the first 'wedding crashers'?!
The Homa Club hosted and catered weddings on the weekends around the pool area. The life guards were asked to be present. You never know what crazy ideas drunk guests at a pool party could come up with.
The lifeguards needed to dress up and one of them was allowed to bring a date (me...). In cocktail attire, we attended the reception. The bride and groom did not know who we were, sometimes we got some weird glances, but we danced with them, hung around the band with them, and attacked the buffet, often being the first in line. Free dinners, free drinks. What fun.
I do not like vodka, don't ask .......

NaBloPoMo November 2015

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