Letters (Nov 21)

10th grade, what a year.
We were still looking for that perfect boyfriend.
The new place to hang out was the “Ice Palace” on weekends. It was located south of Vanak and we could walk there, sometimes my dad would drop us off.
It was a sports center, with a skating rink, a swimming pool, movie theater, an artificial ski slope, and a billiard hall. They also had afternoon dancing. Disco-like. on Fridays. That's where we would hang out.
I enjoyed the ice skating too, of course.
Well, I can say, we had lots of fun there.
Academically however, it was not a good year.
We both flunked 10th grade and had to repeat that year. What an eye-opener.

I found this cool old commercial for the Ice Palace here.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

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