Letters (Nov 12)

after Kindergarten, I attended the German school "Deutsche Schule Teheran". I started first grade in September 1963 - and graduated in the same building in May 1977. There were some good days but mostly school was pretty bad. I was a very ueber-shy student and terrified of any verbal participation in class. If I was called up to the blackboard, I would die walking past all the desks to the front and then I would just stand there unable to respond to any questions. As a result my grades were never that great. But I survived. I am still wondering what kind of teachers did we have?

On the other hand, strong friendships were tied and we are all still in contact today.
You and I however, never went to the same school. I remember you came home pretty late in the afternoon. Sometimes I would pick you up at the bus stop and we would walk back to your house, where we had some hot sweet tea, lavash bread that we had to sprinkle with water, as it had dried out on the counter, and some feta cheese. I still love eating that combination today for breakfast.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

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