Letters (Nov 10)

after a few years living in Iran, I guess my parents knew their way around the city and frequented other places for entertainment.

A popular nightclub somewhere in downtown was called "Shekufe-No". It was a cabaret-style restaurant. My parents would go to dinner and an early show and it was no problem to bring your kids with you.
I admired the Las Vegas style dance performers. Colorful head-dresses, lovely make-up, sequined bathing suits in all colors. I loved the high heels, the fish-net stockings and the glimmer and glamour. We usually had a table close to the stage and I could hear the sound of the sequins, the heels hitting the wooden stage floor, the swishing of their long satin gloves and once in a while a dancer would wink at me, it was just awesome.
Of course, later I learned that the late shows were of a very different caliber and no kids were in the audience, probably no wives either, if you know what I mean. But we enjoyed the occasional magician, the belly dancer, a comedian who we did not understand or the persian pop star that we applauded along with all the other people in the audience.
I am sure that we saw live performances by Soosan, Vigen and Farokhzad among others. My mother loved the song "Maraa beboos" (Kiss Me)  by Vigen, which he actually performed well into old age here in Los Angeles.

Another Restaurant/Cafe my parents frequented and which I regarded as a great treat was "Cafe Naderi". This cafe has a lot of history and you can read about it in a few articles on the web. (here for example) I think they roasted their coffee on-site, because you could smell the great aroma when entering.

But none of the articles mention that in the late 50s, early 60s, there was also evening entertainment in the lush garden in the back. They had an orchestra playing during dinner and my parents would dance while I watched them from our table. My dad always ordered the Chateaubriand. It came with a side of green beans and carrots, roasted in the drippings with fried potatoes, not french fries, but real 'pommes frites'. I do not know what my mom would order for me or for herself. Maybe Boeuf Straganof, a favorite of mine. But I got to share with my dad and until today, over 50 years later, I can still taste that dinner and I have never found anything close to it.
For dessert I always had ice-cream and my mother had "Café-glacé" (Iced Coffee with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream). I still make Café-glacé at home with leftover cold coffee and every time it reminds me of Cafe Naderi.
One photo that I found on the internet somewhere of the gardens of Cafe Naderi.

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