Letters (Nov13)

our neighborhood was awesome and one of a kind. As kids we felt safe playing outside way after sundown. Neighbors were always alert and so friendly too. In the evenings the 'maids' would sit on the doorsteps and have a smoke and chat and they could keep an eye on the kids.
We did not have a maid, but most of the houses did. The floor-plan even provided a little windowless room that could be used by a maid. We used it as storage.

We also had celebrities living around us. To the right of our house lived a famous actress who was really beautiful (Jaleh Sam). My dad, and the neighbor to our left always had an eye on her. Once she had a flat tire, and all the men were outside so fast to help her, it was hilarious.

A few houses down, two sisters shared a home, both very famous singers in Iran, (Mahasti and Heide). Both moved to Los Angeles later. But at that time, they must not have been that famous, and probably not that rich either, because our houses were not fancy or luxurious at all.

One corner house made potato salad in a backyard shed. Else's salad, named after one of the daughters of the family. You could buy it at the "Iran Super", although my mother never bought it because she knew where it was made. They expanded later to a big factory I heard.

Through Facebook we are still in contact with some of the kids. Most of them have left the country and live in the US somewhere. I wish my kids could have grown up in such a great community.

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