Getting some headspace

.....not the mindfulness kind.
This thing. It has been and eyesore for so long. The microwave above the stove. It has been broken for I do not know how long. It just stopped one day and got stuck on 6 seconds. The light switch did not work, the fan did not work.

And why in the world was this mounted so low? Whoever came up with this kitchen lay-out really did not think clearly. There was not enough space to put a big stock pot on the stove, the microwave was much too low. All the other condos in our complex have been constructed in the same way. (I like looking into windows in the evening when I walk my dogs...., just to see how others have decorated the small space...)
Thankfully, a contractor friend of mine stopped by one day to fix a clogged sink and I asked him to remove the thing.

Finally some headspace, but unfortunately it was not pretty. So I started a weekend project. The holes were patched, the wall was primed and after few coats of paint (I was lucky to have some left over) it looked so much better.

Now I am considering adding a few of my hand painted stencils to create a kind of faux backsplash. I am just not sure if that would be too much color. I like it this way for now.
Very happy and proud of myself.

“Energy rightly applied and directed will accomplish anything.” 
― Nellie Bly

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