The Electric Blue Filofax

Oh no, I have done it again!
I could not resist the pretty blue color of the Filofax Finsbury on sale through the Facebook group "Filofaxes and Pens For Sale". I think I should leave that group.
The private seller sent the binder immediately and it arrived at my home 2 days later.
The Finsbury is in perfect condition and has never been used as the previous owner did not like the blue, feeling it was too much of a purple. I, on the other hand, love this color. Originally, Filofax named it "electric blue" which should be more of a neon color, but this is a very nice blue going into purple. Ok, enough about the blue. (it is my favorite color).

The Finsbury's leather is not as soft as the Malden or Siena, but sturdy and rather stiff. Therefore, it does not lie completely flat when opened. The Siena did however, lay flat out of the box, the Malden kind of almost, although its leather is the softest of all, but it has that swoop right next to the rings which never seems to want to lie flat.

Over the weekend I had some time to "play". First of all I took my Filofax boxes, (too bad they do not provide these anymore), which I had used for storage and I purged my archive.

Gasp. Why would I do that? Well, I do not need pages of blank diary paper filling the box. So what I did was, I took my bundled diaries which I had kept in the transparent pouches and went through each year. I made a note of any important occasion, event, appointment by year on a FF notes page and then threw them out. Now I have one FF page per year (2006 onwards)  and I can keep them in my current set-up after the last page of the calendar. I have actually added a page per year going forward where I can make a note of due dates in advance, i.e. my driver's license needs to be renewed in 2018.

I am very happy with my set-up which I described in my Update # 4  . I switched binders from Malden to Siena. I only took out some notes on knitting projects, book reviews, quotes etc. and filed these in the new Finsbury. The Finsbury is currently staying at home and will be the dedicated knitting and books & quotes binder.

Today I am carrying my Siena, my favorite of all, and my Finchley Totebag. All good for a day in January.

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