Today a co-worker made my day. He left this on my desk:

A WSJ article from September and a Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pen. What a great way to start the day. The article talks about improving your handwriting skills and using the right tools to do so. Rollerballs and ballpoints are not recommended, but fountain pens and pencils are as they don't require that much pressure.

The article mentions a book, which I have added to my wishlist:
Modern Calligraphy: Everything you need to know to get started in Script Calligraphy, Molly Super Thorpe
Leuchtturm Notebooks - I think I will check these out and make a note to look for them on my next trip to Germany.
I also marked a website where you can download practice worksheets, suggested in the article.

I love to write and I like to test pens and paper. Just to see how the paper quality holds the ink, how the pen rolls and feels being held. A good way to test this, is by writing as many letters as possible. 
So a Pangram ( - : a short sentence containing all 26 letters of the English alphabet) is a perfect solution.

To practice your penmanship (or typing) try these pangrams:

The most popular of course is: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Schwarzkopf vexed Iraq big-time in July.
Who packed five dozen old quart jugs in my box?
My faxed joke won a pager in the cable tv quiz show.
Few black taxis drive up major roads on quiet hazy nights.
Crazy Frederick bought many very exquisite opal jewels.

Have fun writing.

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