November 6, 2014

I have so many blog post drafts and I just can't seem to find the time to finish them.
Knitting related, my Filofax set-up and pictures from a few road-trips we took this summer.
I will get to them soon hopefully.

Today I was happy to see that our HOA (Home Owners' Association) has finally kept their promise and a few shrubs and bushes whose names I do not know, have been finally planted in front of our patio.
The background story is this: We had three perfect palm trees in front of the patio until this summer.
I had seen that trees had been spray-marked in May to be cut down. Two of ours as well. So I contacted the HOA and asked them to spare the palm trees in front of our patio as they provide shade (we are facing west) and some privacy (we are on the ground floor). I marked each with a big white ribbon and watched for the tree company. Of course they came on a day that I had to go to work very early and when I came back home my two palm trees were cut down and my white ribbon was tossed to the side.

Here is one palm tree left and below are the stumps of the two others cut down.

I was so sad. Actually, it made me cry every time I walked by with my dogs. I contacted the HOA again and sent them an angry letter. The trees were not too close to the foundation, or the chimney and were healthy looking. (although as you can see on the right stump there seems to have been an internal issue). There was no reason to cut them down.
The office manager called back and apologized and admitted that the tree company made a mistake of cutting down the two even though they were told to keep them standing. This brought even more tears. Since August, the spot has been bare, this summer was hot and we could feel it, not having the trees' shade.

It seems such a small issue, but I still can't seem to get over it and there is some anger left. Today I try to enjoy the fact that finally we have some plants that will hopefully fill out and grow higher to give us some privacy.

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