Very overdue post

Yes I am late, very very late in posting these pictures, but they are so pretty and the color goes with the fall colors. These were my flower boxes on the patio in spring. 

I planted pansies. I love pansies. "Stiefm├╝tterchen" they are called in German (little stepmother? hmm...) Or violas. I like all their color palettes, from the blues to the yellows, and this year I chose orange.

My little fairies appreciated the colors. 

And so did the hummingbirds, fake and live...

Another of my favorite plants for containers and boxes are marigolds. Their orange color is also so bright and joyous. I like their scent, it reminds me of a carefree time. "Studentenblumen" is one of their German names, maybe being called student flower, shows how carefree they are. 

I think I will plant some more for October. This post made me happy and smile. That is how it should be, right?

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