Strangling Vines FO (knitting)

pattern by Nicole Hindes
Yarn: Cesana Sockenstrickgarn (630 m)
Needles: US4 - 3.5mm

A wonderful pattern for a scarf which can be adjusted in the width by adding more pattern repeats and you can knit it as long as you want it to be or until you run out of yarn.

I had this sock yarn for quite some time in my stash and the unfinished scarf was hibernating in my basket for whatever reason, I never finished it. Then I suddenly had the great idea to knit some fingerless gloves with the yarn and incorporate one repeat of the lace section on the back of the glove. They really look cute.

Now, two years later, it was time to finish the scarf with however much yarn I had left over.
It is a cute little scarf and it turns out to be a great set together with the gloves.
And looking at the color now, they go with my hat mentioned before.... yeah....

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