Monterey and Cats in May

I was up in Monterey in May and I wish that I could go more often. Monterey is starting to become a second home.

We usually take a walk from the apartment to Pacific Grove and admire the wonderful gardens on our way. I love to look at the plants and the landscapings, garden decor and entrance ways.

My discoveries this time:

Breakfast in PG

 Various Flowers in the Gardens

On our way, I stopped by Monarch Knitting, but this time I did not purchase anything as I still had yarn left from my November trip.

We met a beautiful cat, who lazily watched us walk by. Right next to her garden was this other cat.

I love this. So creative.

And coming home, here is Pishi, the cat who adopted my husband. Yes, exactly that way. She chose him and sat behind the apartment door for weeks until he finally let her in.

I like to think she was waiting for us, but it doesn't seem like it, does it? But, yes she was.

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