Oh Hello there....

It is the last day of September.

Third quarter is ending.

The summer flew by as it always does and again I did not stick to my plans of enjoying the beach more often, soaking up the sun poolside, attending a summer event downtown or grilling on the patio. It just passed by without me doing any of those.

This does not mean that I was sitting lazily on my butt, I was so busy at work that I am showing off an unhealty cubicle tan, feeling a stabbing pain in my hip when I get up from the chair, falling asleep on the couch at 8pm but then not sleeping through the night after crawling into my bed.

Having summarized my summer in this way does not sound so good at all.

Well, there were some good moments too (I may post about them):   A nice weekend trip in May and one in August. A few finished knitting projects. A new Filofax with my own insert designs. A friend's wedding on Coronado Island.

So, here comes October and I feel change in the air. Come forward, I embrace you....

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