Just read (Kindle edition):
... a Scottish highlander or an Icelandic viking? Who would you like to meet on your time travels? That is the question. Both are utterly attractive, masculine, leaders of their people, brutal warriors, heroes, all muscle, half naked, sexy, romantic, soft whisperers, hard takers.....ahhh. 
The viking won - Heirik in the Beautiful Wreck - by Larissa Brown has outrivaled James, the Outlander.
The story was interesting to read as the author took the time to describe in detail the life, traditions, nature, climate, etc. in the 10th century Iceland. That got me hooked right away. Iceland is on my bucketlist now. A gradual build-up to the romantic scenes made the reader look forward to the ending with anticipation. 
Thank you Rachael Herron, for introducing the book on your blog, I greatly enjoyed it. (Check out Rachael's books!). 
But the cherry on top is that the author is also a designer of - wait for it......knitting patterns!!..... Wraps and shawls, my favorite projects....Wow. Check out her Viking Love Song patterns on Ravelry.   
Which one would be your favorite to knit?. Mine is Litla, (little one) a term of endearment that Heirik used. Makes me melt a little bit. 
"The way he said litla, it was like he held me gently in his hand and was in awe of me. Small but strong." (swoon...)

So,...... anywhooo.... 

Back to books. 

I tell myself, not to buy more, as I have just organized my bookshelf a bit, but do I listen? Just recently I was browsing through a Thriftstore and found the bookshelves in the back and I could not leave without taking with me not only one, but six books. 
So here they are and the reasons I chose them:

Currently reading: 

Blessings - Anna Quindlen.
Last fall I attended a conference for Executive Assistants and Anna Quindlen was a keynote speaker. I enjoyed listening to her and could have sat there for hours to hear more of her stories. Of course, it was to be a motivational session for the attendees and she emphasized that in a way by saying something like, 'what seems to look perfect to the outside world may not feel right in your heart - follow your heart' - not verbatim, but those were the notes I wrote down in my Filofax.
When I saw Blessings, I grabbed the book by her. And it is the first one that I opened to read. Blessings is a heartwarming story which I am in the middle of. 

The Chimney Sweeper's Boy - Barbara Vine
Barabara Vine aka Ruth Rendell, how can I not chose a book by her. I have just recently read 'Fatal Inversion' a great book, which I recommend. She develops and describes the characters in detail, so it can be a bit of a slow read, but it usually is a captivating mystery. I look forward to this one too.

The Girl with a Pearl Earring - Tracey Chevalier
Girl with Pearl Earring. Movie with Colin Firth, on my Netflix watch list, and here is the book. Gotta grab that.

The Map of Love - Ahdaf Soueif
- this sounded like a wonderful adventure.

The Memory Keeper's Daughter - Kim Edwards
It was on my Amazon list - check.

Thirteen Moons - Charles Frazier
after Cold Mountain..... this had to go into my basket (or let's say plastic bag, remember - Thriftstore)

And there you go, more books. Happy reading.

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