Saroyan Scarf

This is my hat. I love it. I love hats in general, but rarely wear any. It usually is not that cold in San Diego to even justify owning one.

Here is a close-up. I love the flower embellishment on the side and the color is so beautiful.
The hat is grey felt with orange flower blooms and light green-yellow stems.

Now the thing is that I do not have a scarf or shawl that would go with that color. So, when I was up in Monterey (that's where the pictures were taken) in November last year, I had to go to the LYS Monarch Knitting.

I choose a nice green yarn Madelinetosh Pashmina that goes with the leaves. No, I have to admit, that this yarn was chosen by my husband who actually had a wonderful time browsing in the yarnstore. (I chose another yarn, but will write about that one later)

Back home, the search for a pattern started. I love looking for a pattern. And Ravelry is the best place to start, you all have to agree, right?
So, I had a pattern in mind. I remember seeing one which had leaves on the edge of the scarf/shawl and I chose Saroyan by Liz Abinante.

Liz' patterns are great and I appreciate it so much that she offers them to knitters. This pattern is wonderful to knit. The leafy edge is the perfect match to my hat.
My Saroyan.....

I cast on in January and have been knitting at my leisure. (I am also currently knitting something that I have designed and it is taking up more time.)

The increase section shows 8 repeats, I plan to knit 10 repeats as the middle part and end with 8 repeats in the decrease section. It all depends on how much my yarn will use up.
I just can't seem to memorize the leaf border, that makes it a slower knit than usual. 
The finished project will be presented in a separate post. Happy knitting.

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