Walking the dogs this morning, I found a beautiful feather on the grass. I  picked it up and admired its size and the white stripes on brown. I focused on the dogs again and wanted to continue our walk when I saw another feather. Great, now I have two, I thought. But just a few steps further I found more large ones and then a few smaller red feathers, that are so soft and colorful, probably from under the tail feathers. 
Now I was not smiling... these were too many feathers to have been lost in flight. It did seem as if a whole bunch were lying around. I looked further in the bushes but did not see an animal anywhere. I picked up the feathers and carried them home, thinking that there must have been a fight mid-air. We have a few predator birds flying around our complex. Most of the time followed by loudly complaining crows. I was not able to clearly identify what bird this might have been, maybe a Cooper's hawk. The feathers are so beautiful once belonging to a graceful bird.

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